Urethane Applications

Superior to Metal in Many Applications

Because of their toughness, urethane elastomers can successfully replace metals in such diversified uses as pulley wheels, conveyor rollers, ball-bearings, bushings, cart wheels and rollers. They have high load-bearing capacity in tension, compression and shear. This characteristic permits the design of thinner, lighter, longer-lasting parts. The machinability of hard compounds of urethane elastomers approaches that of metals and is similar to many types of plastics. Urethane elastomers have a low, unlubricated coefficient of friction. This, in conjunction with their high load carrying ability and excellent abrasion resistance, permits their use in such products as bushings and bearings. In addition, they are also quieter than either metals or plastics. The bonding often has a higher teat strength than the elastomer itself. Urethane elastomers allow greater tolerances for mating parts than is possible with metal.

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Urethane provides more than ten times the abrasion resistance obtained from even the best of conventional elastomers. Urethane is inherently oil resistant and will resist deterioration and swelling when in contact with oils, greases, waxes and most aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is less resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, ketones and chlorinated solvents. In addition, urethane has excellent long-term stability in water even at elevated temperatures. Its inherent abrasion resistance, high load bearing capacity and excellent tear and tensile strength make urethane an ideal material for extremely tough applications.

Sound Damping Properties

Urethanes have superior sound damping properties in relation to rubbers and plastics. The hard urethanes are now being used as gears in products where engineers desire sound reduction. The soft urethanes are used to replace rubbers for improved sound/vibration damping.

Bonding to Metal

When urethane is molded directly onto metal inserts, outstanding bonds are obtained. It can also be attached to metal and other materials by press fitting, cementing and mechanical bonding through the use of bosses and studs.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Urethane has a higher load-bearing capacity than any conventional rubber. Because of this characteristic, it is an ideal material for load wheels, heavy duty couplings, metal-forming pads, shock pads, expansion joints, and machine mounts.

Available Types

Urethane elastomers are available covering a hardness range from 10 SHORE A to 75 SHORE D in liquid-cast ether or ester based polymers. Specific formulations are tailored for specific hardness ranges depending on application.

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