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Our Valued Current & Prospective Customers in Manufacturing & Support Industries

We are a Manufacturer of Castable and Compression Molded Urethane Products, and also a Distributor of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals and Packing. We are equipped to provide a Top Quality Product and Service. Our Staff, with a combined 50+ years of Experience, are able to provide Prompt Quotes with Competitive Pricing; Just in Time Deliveries, and Recommend Solutions for Problem areas.

We at Cast Urethane Products are committed in sharing in your goals. We have taken note that in our business, as we deal with the vendors that provide us with raw materials & products, we lean towards those who provide courteous service, prompt deliveries, competitive pricing and a very important factor… which is Clear Communication.

We realize that this is what we all want and we are dedicated in providing this to you and your company. With the experience that we have obtained over the years, we are also able to assist you with any problem areas pertaining to Urethane Products, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals, and Sealing Devices. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

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